Can You Have 2 DEA Numbers?

How do I fill out a DEA 222?

To complete a Form 222:Complete the name and address information at the top using the DEA certificate address.Enter name, size, and quantity of controlled substance(s).

Enter last line completed.DEA Registrant sign and date at the bottom.More items….

What is the difference between NPI and DEA numbers?

The NPI is used by healthcare providers to identify themselves and other healthcare providers in healthcare transactions or correspondence. It may be used by pharmacies to identify providers on prescriptions (the NPI does not replace a DEA number).

How much does DEA license cost?

The current three-year registration fee is $551. The new fee for the threeyear registration period would be $731.

What drugs can a PA not prescribe?

“Physician Assistants don’t prescribe narcotics.” Taking #2 a step further, PAs can prescribe oxycodone, morphine, and Fentanyl and others just like physicians. In most states the PA must obtain a separate DEA registration to do so.

Do I need 2 DEA numbers?

If you prescribe controlled substances in more than one state, a separate DEA registration is required for each state where you administer, dispense, or prescribe controlled substances. Multiple registrations might also be needed within the same state dependent upon the details of your practice.

How many numbers is a DEA number?

six numbersEvery DEA number is made up of two letters, six numbers, and one check digit. The first letter is a code to identify the type of prescriber (i.e., a hospital, a practitioner, a manufacturer, etc.). The second letter is the first letter of the prescriber’s last name.

Can you look up DEA numbers?

There are many ways to find and check an applicant’s DEA number. First, call the applicant’s office and request this information. If, for some reason, this is not possible, access the DEA database. Go to, create a user account and opt for a weekly, monthly or quarterly subscription.

Can a physician assistant prescribe Xanax?

A medical doctor must prescribe anxiety medications. Physician assistants (PAs) and some nurse practitioners (NPs) with a supervising doctor can also prescribe anxiety medications.

Can I have 2 DEA numbers?

When you apply for a federal DEA number, the resulting number that you receive from the DEA office is site-specific. If you are going to be prescribing or dispensing controlled substances at sites in different states or cities, you would need to have 2 separate DEA numbers.

How do I verify a doctor’s DEA number?

Here are the steps to verify a DEA number: Step 1: add the first, third, and fifth digits of the DEA number. Step 2: add the second, fourth, and sixth digits of the DEA number. Step 3: multiply the result of Step 2 by two.

How do I know if my DEA license is active?

At any time, you can go to the “registration validation” link online and check to see if your DEA registration has been renewed. You will need your DEA number and social security number to verify your DEA registration.

What does F mean in a DEA number?

large Type ADue to the large Type A (Practitioner) registration population, the initial alpha letter “B” has been exhausted. DEA will begin using the new alpha letter “F” as the initial character for all new registration for Type A (Practitioner) registrations.

Who gets a DEA number?

A DEA number (DEA Registration Number) is an identifier assigned to a health care provider (such as a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, optometrist, dentist, or veterinarian) by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration allowing them to write prescriptions for controlled substances.

Do you need a separate DEA license for each state?

Thus, unless subject to an applicable exception, DEA regulations require a practitioner to obtain a separate DEA registration in each state in which he or she dispenses a controlled substance.

What can I prescribe without a DEA number?

Under federal law, a DEA number is not technically required to write prescriptions for non-controlled medications such as antibiotics. Although a DEA number is not mandatory for medical providers who do not plan to prescribe controlled substances, practicing without one can cause a lot of headaches.