How May I Be Of Your Service?

How do you use disposal in a sentence?

Disposal sentence examplesHe insisted on leaving the vehicle at my disposal in case I needed it.

at our disposal, but the circumstances in Egypt .

He placed himself at the disposal of the military authorities and was sent to France as a major in the Grenadier Guards.

The disposal of the king was now the great question to be decided.More items….

What is service to humanity?

Summary. Thus, the service to humanity results in the oneness. It brings hope and life to the downtrodden and the disheartened. When peace and harmony becomes the main cause of every kind of service rendered to the nation and its people, it becomes the service to God.

How can I serve others better?

Ten Simple Ways to Serve Your Local CommunityWork at events. Help set up or tear down for concerts, a community theatre, or youth sporting events. … Drive for others. … Visit those in need of company. … Help outdoors. … Give food. … Offer your skills to others. … Build a home. … Spring clean.More items…•

What do you say to a customer?

Here are 11 of the best things you can say to customers — plus some twists on them:1. ‘ … ‘Here’s how to reach me’ … ‘What can I do to help you? … ‘I can solve this for you’ … ‘I may not know now, but I will find out’ … ‘I will keep you updated …’ … ‘I take responsibility …’ … ‘It will be just what you want’More items…•

How we can be of service?

It’s almost always used by the person who would perform/did perform the service (for example, “Let me know if/how I can be of service”, “Glad I could be of service”) rather than the person receiving it. It’s probably most often used in offers of assistance (“How can I be of service?”).

How do I live a life of service to others?

4 Ways to Live a Life of ServiceTreat your job as an act of service. Most of us view our jobs as ways to make money. … Treat every task as important. We tend to value tasks based on how much we can get paid for doing them. … Be on the alert for ways to serve. … Serve without expectation of thanks.

What does it mean to say I am at your disposal?

Definition of ‘at one’s disposal’ If you have something at your disposal, you are able to use it whenever you want, and for whatever purpose you want. If you say that you are at someone’s disposal, you mean that you are willing to help them in any way you can.

Why is service to others so important?

These social connections are of high importance. Helping others makes us happy and gives us endorphins. Serving others is good for our mental health, our emotional well-being, and our self-esteem. And the laws of the universe have shown time and time again that those who serve others are more successful themselves.

What is a good question?

Here are 8 of the best questions to ask:What is the first thing you notice about a person? … What are some challenges you think the next generation will face? … What three habits will improve your life? … For what in your life do you feel most grateful? … If you could have lunch with one person alive or dead, who would it be?More items…

How do you say I am at your service?

You can use ‘at your service’ after your name as a formal way of introducing yourself to someone and saying that you are willing to help them in any way you can. She bowed dramatically.

How may I be of assistance to you today?

Hi, how may I assist you today? “Assist” is slightly more formal than “help”, and “may” is more formal than “can”. If you’re saying this over the phone, it’s common to introduce yourself too.

What are power words in customer service?

Using the Top 10 Power Words in the Contact CentreNow. It is great to a reassure the customer of their query’s importance to your business and, to do this, it is good to provide them with a sense of immediacy. … Great. … Always. … Really. … Best. … Change. … Understand. … Real.More items…•

Can I help you or could I help you?

The technically correct form is “May I help you?”, but in England “Can I help you?” is more usual. “Can I help you?” literally means ‘do I have the ability to help you?” but it is understood in normal conversation to mean, “May I help you?” “Could I help you?” means the same.

How may I be of service meaning?

: to be helpful or useful to someone I am glad to be of service.

How do you politely ask for help?

(To) give (someone) a hand / (To) lend (someone) a hand. This is another really common way to ask for help in English. … To help someone out. Help me out, help you out, help them out. … (To) help out. It can be with assistance or it can be with money. … (To) do (someone) a favour. … I could use some help. … I could use a hand.

How do you say I am happy to help?

happy to helpeager to please. phr.glad to help. phr.glad to be of help. phr.please feel free to contact us. to help. phr.pleased to help. phr.pleased to assist. pleasure. phr.More items…

What is a life of service?

DEFINITION. Service is an attitude about life, and about why you do or act and think in various ways. The idea of service is to give of yourself and help others, not just yourself. THE BASIC PHILOSOPHY OF SERVICE. The idea of serving is based on an assumption that we are all joined at one level.

How is service to others important in your life?

Service can make a difference in many people’s lives. Service gives us a sense of purpose and pride. … By showing them, it will lead the next generations to be inspired about the passion of service to others.

How may or How can?

May is the more formal word, and if you are at all concerned about being tut-tutted, a safe choice. Can is now the verb of choice for ability, and both can and may are still used in the “possibility” sense. You may use can if you wish, and you can use may if it makes you feel better.

Is it correct to say how may I help you?

The most polite expression is “How may I help you?” (“May,” not “many”). You will also hear people say “How can I help you?” To the punctilious, “may” is preferable to “can,” but both expressions are gracious and acceptable, much better than “Whassup?” (If I say, “How may I?” I’m asking permission to help.

What is service to others?

Service to others, to me, means being unselfish, it means doing something for someone else without expecting any reward or gain. Service to others, to me, also means helping people out when they cannot complete a task by themselves.