Question: How Do You Use Understood In A Sentence?

What is a good sentence for demonstrate?

Examples of demonstrate in a Sentence Each student must demonstrate mastery of the subject matter in order to pass the class.

Employees must demonstrate competence in certain skills before they can work independently.

The medication will not be marketed until it is demonstrated to be safe..

How do you use thru in a sentence?

Through vs. ThruHe rode his bicycle through the door and onto the street.You have to read the book through if you want to be prepared for class.We were dancing all through the concert.Did you come thru with the tickets?Come to my place, we’ll go thru all the episodes of Firefly.More items…

Did u understand or understood?

Both are perfectly correct.. one in present tense and the other in the past. Do you understand if you are enquiring whether someone has just understood something. Did you understand if you are referring to something which is in the past.

Did not understood or understand?

Either is correct: “didn’t understand you” is in the past tense, and “don’t understand you” is in the present tense. … “Understood” is the past and past participle of understand, and would be used in sentences like “I hadn’t understood you”, or “It’s understood that 1+1 = 2”, or “He understood what I told him”.

What is difference between understand and understood?

Understood is past tense while understand is present tense. “After I made my sister cry, I finally understood why making fun of others was wrong.” “I understand now that cruel words can hurt others.”

Did you want to VS Do you want to?

When you say that you did something, you’re talking about something that happened in the past. Do is the present tense form of the verb to do. It’s used to talk about present tense situations. Did you want to schedule a meeting?

What is another word for Understood?

Understood Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for understood?implicitassumedimpliedacceptedagreedinferredpresumedsilentunwrittenappreciated48 more rows

How do you reply Do you understand?

The correct response to “Did you understand?” is “Yes, I understood.” This would refer to something that was said a while ago. But it’s not likely to be said that way, because it doesn’t specify what was supposed to be understood.

How do you demonstrate something?

to describe, explain, or illustrate by examples, specimens, experiments, or the like: to demonstrate the force of gravity by dropping an object. to manifest or exhibit; show: He demonstrated his courage by his actions in battle.

Can you reply with understood?

Andygc said: You might be used to replying “understood”, but that is about as normal to English speakers as “got it”. There’s many ways of saying that you understand an explanation, but for most of us they begin “I …” – “I understand”, “I see”, ‘I’ve got that”, “I get it”, “I see what you mean” are examples.

How do you use understood?

Understood is the past tense verb, the past participle, and the adjective. There are several instances that you would use this word. For example, if you are talking about something that you learned or knew in the past, you could say that someone understood it.

What Does understood mean?

un·der·stood. Use understood in a sentence. adjective. The definition of understood is agreed upon. An example of understood are the conditions that had already been voted upon by the committee before voting on the major issue; the understood conditions.

What’s the meaning of understand?

to perceive the meaning of; grasp the idea of; comprehend: to understand Spanish; I didn’t understand your question. to be thoroughly familiar with; apprehend clearly the character, nature, or subtleties of: to understand a trade. to assign a meaning to; interpret: He understood her suggestion as a complaint.

How do you use deny in a sentence?

Deny sentence examplesCarmen couldn’t deny that fact. … It was getting harder and harder to deny what she felt toward him. … No one could deny that Alex was a devoted husband and father. … There would be no more secrets or restraint, no more attempts to deny him.More items…

How do you use emphasize in a sentence?

Sentence Examples To emphasize his words, he lifted her hand and placed it over his heart. The chroniclers emphasize the fact that this king was not of royal descent. Try to emphasize your main idea so that readers will always know what your opinion is. He spoke louder to emphasize his next point in the speech.