Question: Is Paul The Weatherman Married?

Who is Paul Hudson married too?

Nicola Hudsonm.

2003Paul Hudson/SpouseHudson was married to Nicola Shaw, a fellow BBC presenter, in 2003 having two children.

He enjoys sea fishing, playing golf (he used to play at Riddlesden golf club, and now plays at Moor Allerton), cricket (he played for Ingrow St Johns in the Craven League)..

How much does Paul Hudson earn?

What is the salary of Paul Hudson? As the Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Executive Committee, and Director of Sanofi, the total compensation of Paul Hudson at Sanofi is $510,733. There are 1 executives at Sanofi getting paid more, with Serge Weinberg having the highest compensation of $708,040.

Is Phil Bodmer married?

He married Julia Forster in June 1999 in Sheffield. They have a son, born in March 2003.

When did Keeley Donovan get married?

June 25, 2018 (Johnny I’Anson)Keeley Donovan/Wedding dates

Is Keeley Donovan expecting?

Keeley and her husband and BBC colleague Johnny I’Anson are expecting their first baby to arrive in around two weeks’ time and in a post on Twitter yesterday, she announced she was now starting her materity leave and looking forward to the “next exciting step”. She wrote: “And just like that I’m on maternity leave.

How old is Harry Gration?

69 years (October 22, 1950)Harry Gration/Age

Who is Lisa Gallagher married to?

Robina Lions Club, Australia. Lion Lisa Gallagher and her husband Peter had a wonderful day recently when their beautiful daughter Caitlin was married to her lovely husband Tim. Caitlin has helped Robina Lions Club over the years on our many projects.

Is Keeley Donovan married?

Johnny I’Ansonm. 2018Keeley Donovan/SpousePersonal life. In July 2017, Donovan announced her engagement to fellow BBC presenter Johnny I’Anson, he proposed to Donovan during a romantic walk in the Lake District. They were married on 25 June 2018 in a rustic wedding at Castle Farm near Knaresborough.

How old is Paul Hudson?

49 years (February 27, 1971)Paul Hudson/Age

Who was Harry Gration first wife?

Hilary GardnerGration is married to Helen, his third wife, with whom he has three children. He has three children from two previous marriages. His first wife was a school teacher Hilary Gardner, with whom he had a daughter named Hannah, they separated and divorced in the early 1980’s before he became a regular TV presenter.

Has Harry Gration had a baby?

BBC presenter Harry Gration, 68, and his wife Helen, 51, have shared pictures of their new baby boy, Hamilton. The couple say they are ‘eternally grateful’ to NHS staff after the birth of their son, which was announced on BBC Look North last Friday.

What is Christa Ackroyd doing now?

She also returned to ITV Yorkshire as a freelance journalist for Calendar, covering the Rotherham count at the 2015 general election. She is now a columnist for the Yorkshire Post .