Question: What County Lines Mean?

What is county lines in early years?

County lines are the organised criminal distribution of drugs from the big cities into smaller towns and rural areas using children and vulnerable people.

Drugs such as cocaine, heroin and amphetamines are the main focus of county lines, although cannabis is also sometimes linked to this as well..

What is contextual safeguarding?

‘Contextual safeguarding’ is an approach to safeguarding that responds to young people’s experiences of harm outside of the home, for example, with peers, in schools and in neighbourhoods. … Contextual safeguarding framework with specific reference to how contexts relate to each other and inform young people’s behaviours.

Who is affected by county lines?

Children as young as 7 are being put in danger by criminals who are taking advantage of how innocent and inexperienced these young people are.

What’s a trap house girl?

The Urban Dictionary defines “trap house” as an apartment or private house, sometimes in public housing projects, where multiple drug dealers (known as “trap stars” or “trap lords”) do business. Trap houses attract teens from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Why do they call a trap house a trap house?

Why do they call it a trap house? Such homes are called trap house because the dealer of the illicit drugs traps people into such businesses where once you are into such activities, you may find it difficult to come out of it.

What does Cuckooing mean?

Cuckooing is a practice where people take over a person’s home and use the property to facilitate exploitation. It takes the name from cuckoos who take over the nests of other birds.

What does send me a line mean?

According to the Free Dictionary, dropping someone a line means sending them a short message. … I always thought it meant phoning someone, the line referring to a telephone line.

What does line mean in slang?

A line of a powdered drugLINE means “A line of a powdered drug” So now you know – LINE means “A line of a powdered drug” – don’t thank us. YW! What does LINE mean? LINE is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the LINE definition is given.

What does give me a line mean?

To speak deceptively to one. In this phrase, “line” refers to a prepared response, perhaps one intended to be what the listener wants to hear. Don’t give me a line, tell me the truth—what’s the real reason you missed my party?

Why is it called county lines?

“County Lines” is the term used to describe a form of organised crime where criminals based in urban areas pressurise vulnerable people and children to transport, store and sell drugs in smaller county towns. It takes its name from the phone lines used by organised crime gangs to communicate between towns.

What does county lines mean in safeguarding?

County lines is the organised criminal distribution of drugs from the big cities into smaller towns and rural areas using children and vulnerable people. … Although cannabis is occasionally linked to the county lines organisations, it is harder drugs that provide the focus: heroin, cocaine, and amphetamines.

What is the most serious crime in the UK?

CSEW and police recorded crime figures for main crime typesEngland and WalesRobbery4Theft offences⁷:Theft from the person1021 more rows•Jul 18, 2019

How many county lines are in operation across the UK?

Police shut down almost 90 county lines spreading drugs and ‘mayhem’ across UK.

How do you find county lines?

Some of the signs of county lines involvement and exploitation are:A child or young person going missing from school or home or significant changes in emotional well-being.A person meeting unfamiliar adults or a change to their behaviour.The use of drugs and alcohol.More items…•

Do you have a line meaning?

have a line on (someone or something) To have helpful information about how to find, contact, or reach someone or something. John says he’s got a line on a guy who can fix the car for half the price.