Question: What Is Hello In Navajo?

How Do You Say Woman in Navajo?

The English meaning of the Navajo word nahasdzáán is the world, or the earth.

Looking closer at the word, you’ll notice asdzáán, which takes on the meaning of woman, or female..

How do you say my name is in Navajo?

Today’s Navajo word is yinishyé. In English, it’s part of a verb group that means “to be named” or “to be called.” For example, if my name were Fenton I would introduce myself like this: “Yá’át’ééh, shí éí Fenton yinishyé.”

How do you say friend in Navajo?

Literally: my friend. The Navajo word ak’is means friend, so shí, ní, or bí is attached to mean my, your, or his (her). This word is essentially used to describe siblings and maternal cousins, but in all of these cases it only applies to people of the same sex.

What is I love you in Navajo?

Ayóó anííníshní. (or, Ayóó ánóshní.) In Navajo, the word ayóó denotes the same as “a lot” in the English language. … Together, this is how you say “I love you” in Navajo, or “I adore you.” It conveys the understanding that the person doesn’t just have a regard for another, but a very high regard with much esteem.

How do you say yes in Navajo?

Aoo’ means yes, the affirmative answer or statement. It is literally the opposite of “no.”

How does a Native American say hello?

The generic TV-Indian greeting “How”–and the Y-Indian Princess greeting “How How”–are Americanized versions of the Lakota/Dakota Sioux word “Hau,” which means “hello.” This greeting is still used by Sioux people today.

How do you say thank you for your service in Navajo?

Our Navajo word for today is Thank You. It’s good to point out that the Navajo ‘h’ sound is a lot more exasperated when followed by a short (and a short high tone) ‘e’.

How are you Navajo language?

Useful phrases in NavajoEnglishDiné Bizaad (Navajo)Hello (General greeting)Yá’át’ééhHow are you?Ąąʼ? (lit. “Well?”) Ąąʼ haʼíí baa naniná? (lit. “What are you doing?”)Reply to ‘How are you?’ʼÁh nístsʼíídLong time no see54 more rows

How do you say good night in Navajo?

Good Night in Navajo is Yá’át’ééh hiiłchi’į’.

How do you say beautiful in Navajo?

Nizhóní means beautiful. On one hand it can refer to something that’s attractive, and on the other it refers to something that is good. This is because the Navajo idea of beauty goes beyond appearances.

What does nizhoni mean in Navajo?

BeautifulNizhoni means Beautiful in the Navajo language.

Why is the Navajo language so difficult?

Navajo was not chosen as a code language only because it is very hard but also because there was no published grammar or dictionary of the language and because native speakers were readily available. … Navajo marks all of the persons with a prefix on the verb. 7) Estonian: This language makes the list too.

What does YAH TA HEY mean?

Yah-ta-hey (Navajo: Tʼáá Bííchʼį́įdii) is a census-designated place (CDP) in McKinley County, New Mexico, United States. As of the 2000 census, the CDP population was 580. The English name for this place is an approximation of a Navajo greeting, though the actual Navajo name means “like the devil”, in reference to J.B.

What does Yatahey mean in Navajo?

all is goodIn Navajo, yatahey, pronounced /yah-ah-Teh/, is a common greeting. It literally translates to ”all is good’. Although it is a common form to say…

How do you say good bye in Navajo?

It’s not common to tell someone “goodbye,” but instead “see you later” or “Yá’át’ééh.” Additionally, “Yá’át’ééh abiní” is the way to say good morning in Navajo.

How do you say love you in Cherokee?

Cherokee Language Word List for FebruarySUBMITTED By KITUWAH PRESERVATION & EDUCATION PROGRAM.February – Kagali.Love – adageyudi.As long as I live – gvnvigohida.As long as he/she lives – gvhnvigohida.I love you – gvgeyu.I will love you – gvgeyusesdi.I do love you – gvgeyudv.More items…•

How do you say shut up in Navajo?

imperative: “Shut up!”

How do you say sorry in Navajo?

There is no real way of saying “I’m sorry” in Navajo. No word for “forgive me” exists.

How do you say hello my friend in Navajo?

Ya’at’eeh shi’kis. (Hello my friend) – Navajo Word of the Day | Facebook.

How do you say mad in Navajo?

MAD: Angry, insane. Ahach~’; ahooch~~d. MADNESS: Craziness; mental illness. Bini’ doo axwe’e da; ahacht’.

What are you doing in Navajo?

What are you doing? Áá’ ha’íí baa nídinídzá? What will you be doing? Áá’ ha’íí baa nisíníyá?