Question: Which Is Better IAS Or Doctor?

Did Akshat Jain took coaching?

IAS topper Akshat Jain, Rank 2 in the IAS exam 2019, is an IIT Guwahati graduate in design.

He prepared the general studies by himself and took the coaching for his optional subject Anthropology..

Did Kanishak Kataria take coaching?

Kataria took coaching for 7-8 months in Delhi To prepare for the Civil Services Examination, Kataria attended IAS coaching classes for 7-8 months in Delhi, he told BBC Hindi. He also revealed that he did not have any idea about the UPSC CSE and that is why he had to take coaching to get to know the basics.

Who earns more IAS or MBA?

In terms of pure money, an IAS officer earns less than 30% of what an MBA earns at the entry level, which can go upto 5% at the time of retirement. An IAS officer working at Secretary level at GoI hardly earns 20 lpa in comparison to 3-4 crores his MBA counterpart must be earning. … IAS is a high impact job.

Why do doctors choose IAS?

They want to serve the people by becoming Civil Servants and using their knowledge for the benefit of the people. Doctors appearing for IAS after MBBS have more chances of success compared to many others.

Who earns more IAS or RBI Grade B?

Salary and Other Benefits- RBI Grade B Vs IAS Presently, the basic salary of an IAS officer is Rs 56100/-. Apart from that IAS officer and other officers who qualify UPSC CSE get TA, DA, and HRA.

What is the salary of a doctor in India?

Doctor SalariesJob TitleSalaryBest Doctors Doctor salaries – 5 salaries reported₹ 77,250/moApollo Hospitals Doctor salaries – 4 salaries reported₹ 69,256/moBest Doctors Doctor salaries – 4 salaries reported₹ 1,12,181/moSahyadri Speciality Hospital Doctor salaries – 3 salaries reported₹ 26,090/mo16 more rows

Do IFS officer get car?

7. Do IFS officers get cars, big houses and servants like the IAS? … We get good houses when posted abroad and we are able to save enough money to buy a good car. If we go out for meetings, then an Embassy/Consulate vehicle is available in case the officer doesn’t have a personal car.

What are the posts given to IAS officer?

Designations held by IAS officers during field posting are as follows: SDO/SDM/Joint Collector/ Chief Development Officer (CDO) District Magistrate/District Collector/Deputy Commissioner. Divisional Commissioner. Member Board of Revenue. Chairman of Revenue.

Which subject should I start first in UPSC?

It is expected that you have finished the earlier chosen subjects. Now the target for these two months is to finish the tough subject completely and also begin the other subject. You can choose the geography of India, environmental geography. The UPSC geography syllabus is easier to finish.

Which one is better IAS or doctor?

RE: What should I do MBBS or IAS But do not compare it with IAS. … Completing MBBS is what I would recommend first since apart from IAS, you will be able to make a career and living by being a Doctor. After that, you may try for IAS exam and if you devote and practice and study, then you can definitely clear IAS exam.

Which job is better than IAS?

The IFS officer salary structure is also higher than the IAS officer salary structure due to higher allowances.

Which is better UPSC or IAS?

The answer depends upon you and what sort of a career you wish to have. If you are interested in engineering and the like, you should attempt the UPSC IES/ ESE….IES and IAS Comparison.ExamUPSC Civil Services (CSE)UPSC Engineering Services (ESE | IES)Average number of Vacancies100050012 more rows