Question: Who Is Kaits Father?

Is Myrrah Kaits grandmother?

TL;DR: Queen Myrrah of the locust had a child with Adam Fenix.

That late child was Reyna, Kaits mother.

She gives Kait a necklace at the end in the shape of the locust symbol saying it was her grandmother’s..

Who is Reyna’s father Gears of War?

Reyna is the daughter of Marcus Fenix. Reyna is the daughter of Adam Fenix. JD is kait’s brother from another mother. For a start I don’t think she impregnated herself, that doesn’t sound right in the slightest.

Who was Kaits grandmother?

Queen MyrrahAs all but confirmed by Gears 5’s box art – and long theorized by devoted fans – it seems that Kait’s grandmother was indeed Queen Myrrah, leader of the Locust.

Are Locust humans?

The Locust Horde, often called the Grubs by the humans of Sera, were a race of mutated humans that, until Emergence Day, established their civilization in the subterranean regions of Sera, known as the Hollow. The Locust Horde were created and placed in the Hollow during the Pendulum Wars.

How old is Marcus Fenix?

14yGears of War/Age

What happened to Anya in gears 4?

Gears Of War 4 revealed Anya was able to conceive James despite being previously infertile due to a birthing program created by Mina Jinn. Anya died when James was 6 and players can visit her grave in the fourth game.

Who is Kait Diaz father?

Sergeant Gabriel DiazKait DiazPositionCorporalAffiliationOutsiders Coalition of Ordered GovernmentsFamilySergeant Gabriel Diaz (father) Reyna Diaz (mother) Oscar Diaz (uncle) Myrrah (grandmother)6 more rows

Who is Queen Myrrah’s husband?

In 9 B.E., Doctor Elain Fenix made the discovery of the Locust Horde. Before she could reveal her findings to the public, Queen Myrrah had Elain executed. In the following years, Elain’s husband, Professor Adam Fenix, traced her journals to the Hollow where he too would discover Queen Myrrah and her people.

Should I kill Del or JD?

In short, whoever you decide to save, the other will die. If you choose to cut the tentacle of JD, then Del is killed by the Swarm Queen. … If instead you decide that Del is the one worth saving, JD dies with his neck broken and you find yourself in the rubble of a fallen building.

Is Kait Diaz a locust?

Kait was the daughter of former war-hero, Sgt. Gabriel Diaz of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army and Engineering Corps, and Reyna Torres, whom unknown to most was the daughter of Myrrah, Queen of the Locust Horde.

Why did the locust attack the humans?

The Humans of Sera have never been strangers to warfare. … Queen Myrrah, leader of the Horde, determined that if the Locust were to survive the Lambent “infection”, they would have to migrate to Sera’s surface, which meant taking up arms against the humans in order to seize control.

Why does the Locust Queen look human?

“Queen Myrrah. It was an odd choice of title. It smacked of termite colonies and ants, an analogy he knew she’d find offensive, but he suspected she’d chosen it in an attempt to make herself feel more embedded in Sera’s history, more Seran than the humans who’d long since discarded their monarchies.