Quick Answer: How Did Pimp C Die?

When did Pimp C die?

December 4, 2007Pimp C/Date of death.

Is Pimp C dead?

Deceased (1973–2007)Pimp C/Living or Deceased

Who is Pimp C daughter?

Christian ButlerPimp C/Daughters

Where is Pimp C buried?

Greenlawn Memorial Park, Texas, United StatesPimp C/Place of burial

How much was Pimp C worth?

Pimp C was a rapper from Crowley, United States with estimated net worth of $3.4 million.

How old would Pimp C be?

33 years (1973–2007)Pimp C/Age at deathPimp C, one half of the rap duo Underground Kingz, died in December 2007 from an accidental drug overdose. The 33-year-old had three children. He died without a last will and testament.

Is DJ Screw dead?

Deceased (1971–2000)DJ Screw/Living or Deceased

UGK (short for Underground Kingz) was an American hip hop duo from Port Arthur, Texas, formed in 1987, by Chad “Pimp C” Butler and Bernard “Bun B” Freeman. … On December 4, 2007, Pimp C died in his West Hollywood, California hotel room.

Who was Pimp C signed to?

Trill EntertainmentRap-A-Lot RecordsJive RecordsAtlantic RecordsAsylum RecordsPimp C/Record labels

Who is Pimp C wife?

Chinara Butlerm. 2003–2007Pimp C/WifeButler married his wife, Chinara, while he was in prison in 2003. They had 1 child together, a daughter named Christian, as well as Pimp C’s older 2 sons, Chad Lamont Butler II and Corey Butler both whom he had from previous relationships.

What is Pimp C’s real name?

Chad Lamont ButlerPimp C/Full name

Where is Pimp C originally from?

Crowley, Louisiana, United StatesPimp C/Place of birth

What did Pimp C OD on?

An overdose of cough syrup and a preexisting sleep apnea condition killed Chad Butler, better known as rapper Pimp C, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner. His death has been ruled an accident.

What drug killed Pimp C?

sleep apneaEd Winter of the coroner’s office said that sleep apnea, combined with large amounts of prescription-strength cough syrup, killed Pimp C on Dec. 4 in West Hollywood, Calif. He was 33.

Who wrote big pimpin?

Jay ZTimbalandBig Pimpin’/Composers