Quick Answer: How Do I Check My Blizzard Purchase History?

How long does Blizzard takes to process my transaction?

This can take up to 24 hours.

To avoid multiple temporary authorization holds of funds by your payment provider, do not make repeated attempts to transactions in progress..

How do I find my Blizzard password?

If you forgot your password, you can reset it through Blizzard Account Management. If you can’t remember your secret question or other account information needed to reset your password, contact customer support.

Can you buy WoW time with Blizzard balance?

You can’t use Blizzard Balance to purchase items from the Blizzard Gear Store, in-game products for Hearthstone on mobile devices, or World of Warcraft subscriptions—though you can buy game time in the Blizzard Shop. … As with any payment method, local taxes may apply to purchases made with Blizzard Balance.

How do I get a free Blizzard balance?

To receive your free Blizzard Gift Card code, all you have to do is sign up for an account on Idle-Empire, answer a few paid surveys, watch videos, or complete offers and quickly redeem your points for a gift card that we’ll deliver to your email.

How do I recover my Blizzard account without email?

If you don’t have access to your email address or can’t recover your account, contact us. Blizzard Phone Notifications makes it easy to recover your account if this happens in the future. Simply enter the code sent to your mobile phone to unlock your account.

Does Blizzard balance really take 3 days?

Please allow the addition of payments onto a blizzard balance! The balance pending can take up to 3 days, but most purchases will go through within 2 hours to at most 24 hours.

Is Blizzard owned by China?

Tencent is the largest video game company. The Chinese media conglomerate owns 5% of Activision Blizzard, Blizzard’s corporate parent. … For Blizzard also has a partnership with NetEase, a Chinese company that operates its games in the country. Tencent also owns the digital streaming rights for the NBA.

How do I check my Blizzard games?

Option 2Click on the Blizzard logo on the top left corner of the Blizzard app.Select Settings.Select Game Install/Update.Click on Scan for Games and allow Battle.net to search for Blizzard games on your computer.

How do I find out my blizzard email?

If you can’t remember what email you used for your Blizzard account, try all emails you have created or used in the past. Alternatively, if you have saved a phone number to your account, try to log in using that phone number. If you still can’t access your account, contact us.

What payment methods does Blizzard accept?

The Blizzard Shop accepts the following payment methods:Blizzard Balance.Credit Card (American Express*, MasterCard, Visa, Discover)Debit Card.PayPal.

Can Blizzard restore my deleted account?

You’re an absolute idiot. Lmfao no they are required by law that when you request a account to be deleted they remove the account entirly and backups. All info on that account is lost to the void. Nice try, Blizzard.

Does Blizzard delete old accounts?

We don’t delete Blizzard accounts for inactivity unless they are completely empty, and it’s been years since it was last used. It may be the case that you are using the wrong email, or worse yet, that someone gained access to the account and changed the email.

Does WoW delete inactive accounts?

Each battle.net account can have up to 8 WoW licenses attached. No, they don’t delete inactive characters.

How do I redeem my Blizzard balance?

Redemption Instructions:Go to blizzard.com/code.Create a FREE Blizzard Account. If you already have one, log in.Enter the code into the field provided.Your Blizzard Balance is now charged and ready to spend on your Blizzard Game(s) of choice.

What is Blizzard balance?

Blizzard Balance is a different way to buy our digital products and services. You can load up your Blizzard Balance using many different payment methods, and then use it on Blizzard Entertainment games, character services, in-game items, and more! Blizzard® Balance is typically available within 3 days of purchase.

How do I redeem a blizzard code?

To claim a code on the Blizzard Battle.net App:From the Games tab, click the Redeem a Code button found under the logo of any game.From the Shop tab, click Services and then Redeem a Code.

Who bought Blizzard?

Activision BlizzardOn July 9, 2008, Activision merged with Vivendi Games, culminating in the inclusion of the Blizzard brand name in the title of the resulting holding company. On July 25, 2013, Activision Blizzard announced the purchase of 429 million shares from majority owner Vivendi.

How do I transfer Blizzard games to SSD?

Download this application migration program and migrate Blizzard games to another HDD or SSD.Connect the destination drive to your computer.Choose the games you want to change the location.Transfer the games to the destination drive.Uninstall Games with the Blizzard Battle.net Desktop App.More items…•

How do I find out my Blizzard balance?

Blizzard (Battle.net) Balance is used to purchase digital services from all Blizzard Entertainment games. It can be purchased from the Blizzard Shop, gifted, or acquired via the WoW Token. You cannot refund or withdraw Battle.net balance once it has been added or gifted to your account.

How long do Blizzard gifts take to send?

24 hoursGifts are only sent once payment for your order is complete—payments can take 24 hours to process. You can check your order status in your Transaction History page. Gifting may be restricted for some products, payment methods, or currencies. If you don’t see the Gift button, you can Gift Blizzard Balance instead.

Are Blizzard games free?

Most Blizzard games are free to try!

Where are Blizzard games stored?

In the Settings menu, go to Game Install/Update, and look at the bottom of the list of game locations for the Scan for Games button. You can also click Reset to Defaults, and the default directory should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Overwatch.

How do I get my Blizzard account back?

To retrieve your account, please proceed to personal verification. Canceled Blizzard Account will be stored for 37 days. You can retrieve your account through the personal verification process. Once account is retrieved, your personal information and payment history will be retrieved.

Why can’t I log into my Blizzard account?

Be sure to enter the Blizzard account email address and password correctly. If your login information is saved, try re-entering your Blizzard account email and password. If the issue persists, try resetting your Blizzard password. Deleting the Battle.net cache folder can resolve problems with the logon module.

Has Blizzard Been Hacked?

Blizzard’s Battle.net service has been hacked, according to the Diablo III developer. In a security update at Blizzard’s website, the company said that their security team discovered “unauthorized and illegal access” into their internal network.

How do I fix my Blizzard agent to sleep?

Blizzard Agent Went to SleepPlease try restarting the Battle.net app. If that doesn’t work, try restarting your computer.Update or temporarily uninstall any security programs, which may mistakenly identify the login module as a security threat.Uninstalling and reinstalling the Blizzard App may resolve rare launcher issues.