Quick Answer: What Insignificant Means?

What is another word for insignificant?

What is another word for insignificant?unimportantnegligiblesmall-timebeggarlydeficientundistinguishedsparseunnecessaryemptyshallow229 more rows.

What does Fritherless mean?

adjective. 1. having little or no meaning. 2. having little or no importance; trivial.

What do you call someone who doesnt like to spend money?

A “tightwad” and a “cheapskate” are also people who don’t like to spend money. These words are a bit less negative, though: the person may not like to share or help others, but they are not as mean as a miser or a scrooge. “cheap” is another good word.

What is the opposite word of insignificant?

Antonyms: evidentiary, momentous, noteworthy, prodigious, world-shaking, probative, probatory, noticeable, remarkable, earthshaking, fundamental, portentous, profound, important, monumental, operative, world-shattering, major, meaningful, epoch-making, epochal, significant, large, evidential.

What do you call someone who is bad with money?

Answer. The word closest in meaning to what you want is spendthrift. Spendthrift is a noun that means “a person who spends money in a careless or wasteful way.”

What do you call a frugal person?

A person who lives simply and economically can be called frugal. … Thrifty, spartan, and prudent are synonyms for frugal, a word that often has positive connotations when used to describe a person who lives a simple life.

What does serenity mean?

The definition of serenity is a state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled.

What is the meaning of insignificant?

unimportant, trifling, or petty: Omit the insignificant details. too small to be important: an insignificant sum. of no consequence, influence, or distinction: a minor, insignificant bureaucrat. without weight of character; contemptible: an insignificant fellow. without meaning; meaningless: insignificant sounds.

What does transfixed mean?

to make or hold motionless with amazement, awe, terror, etc. to pierce through with or as if with a pointed weapon; impale. to hold or fasten with or on something that pierces.

What flamboyant means?

adjective. strikingly bold or brilliant; showy: flamboyant colors. conspicuously dashing and colorful: the flamboyant idol of international society. florid; ornate; elaborately styled: flamboyant speeches.

What is the root word of insignificant?

insignificant (adj.) 1650s, “without meaning,” also “answering to no purpose,” from in- (1) “not, opposite of” + significant. From 1748 as “small in size.” Related: Insignificantly.

What does Spellbind mean?

to hold or bind by or as if by a spell; enchant; entrance; fascinate.

What does foreboding mean?

noun. a prediction; portent. a strong inner feeling or notion of a future misfortune, evil, etc.; presentiment.