Quick Answer: Which Country’S Code Is 212?

What country code is 261?

MadagascarMadagascar Country Code 261 Country Code MG..

Which country’s area code is 236?

Central African RepublicThe Central African Republic country code 236 will allow you to call Central African Republic from another country. Central African Republic telephone code 236 is dialed after the IDD. Central African Republic international dialing 236 is followed by an area code.

How rare is a 212 number?

The area code is a rare gem, indeed. Seventy-three percent of all 212 numbers are in use, compared with 55 percent for 310, the area code for Beverly Hills, another prestigious prefix.

Which country uses +13 code?

ChinaInternational Phone CodesCountryOverseas CodesHours difference from EST (1)Chad235+6Chile56+1China86+13Christmas Island61+12161 more rows

How do I get a 212 number?

Buy a 212 Area Code or Vanity USA Number Today – Get a 212 area code or Vanity USA number on your Cell Phone, Google Voice or Call/SMS Plan in 1 day – Get a 212 area code or Vanity USA number on your Landline or VoIP within 14 days – Start Only $55 or Call/SMS Plan $10/mo.

Which country uses +43?

AustriaAustria Country Code 43 Country Code AT.

Is area code 236 long distance?

Unlike 604, which is just for the Vancouver area, 236 is an “overlay” area code, which means it can be given to any customer in the province. The area code 778 is also an overlay number. Local calling areas have not changed, and long distance charges are based on geography, not area code.

Can you get any area code you want?

While landline users are usually limited to one area code, cell phone users typically can choose from any area code in the country. Depending on their service provider and number availability, cell phone users may be able to keep their last seven digits of the number and change just the area code.

Are 212 numbers still available?

Today, 212 phone numbers only become available when customers give them up. Those numbers may then become available through Time Warner, Verizon or another service provider.

Which country code is 269?

ComorosThe Comoros country code 269 will allow you to call Comoros from another country. Comoros telephone code 269 is dialed after the IDD. Comoros international dialing 269 is followed by an area code.

How much is a 212 area code worth?

Normally, phone numbers are assigned without cost, but for several years 212 numbers have been selling for anywhere from $75 to more than $1,000. When area codes were first created, 212 covered the entire city.

Which country uses +237?

CameroonThis page details Cameroon phone code. The Cameroon country code 237 will allow you to call Cameroon from another country. Cameroon telephone code 237 is dialed after the IDD. Cameroon international dialing 237 is followed by an area code.

What country code is 263?

ZimbabweZimbabwe telephone code 263 is dialed after the IDD. Zimbabwe international dialing 263 is followed by an area code. The Zimbabwe area code table below shows the various city codes for Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe country codes are followed by these area codes.

Is 212 a landline?

“212” means you have a landline, which means you are old (unless it is a business number, in which case: congratulations, you’re employed. “917” means you were an “it” person in New York circa 1996-7 (ie when people still namedropped Gwyneth Paltrow) and have since moved on to greener pastures.

Which country code is 1400?

Phoning the 01400 Dialling Code from Outside of the UKRegionInternational PrefixArea CodeUnited States and Canada0111400Europe001400Australia00111400

Is 236 a Vancouver area code?

VANCOUVER – B.C. is getting a new telephone area code, according to federal regulators. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) said Thursday that B.C. will now be given a 236 code, in addition to the 604, 778 and 250 codes that are currently in use. Until 1996, B.C. only used 604.

What area code is 216 belong to?

Cleveland, OhioArea code 216 is the North American telephone area code for Cleveland, Ohio, and most of its inner-ring suburbs in Cuyahoga County. Some of the local exchanges contained in the 216 area are: 281 (Atlantic), 476 (Garfield), 631 (Melrose), 642 (Michigan), and 749 (Shadyside).

What time zone is area code 212?

EASTERNArea code 212StateLarger cities in area code 212Time ZoneNY New YorkNew York City (Manhattan area)EASTERN Current time is 05:42:06 AM– overlaid by area codes 646, 332 and 917 —

What is the best area code to have?

Top 10 Most Popular Area Codes310: Los Angeles, CA.212: New York City, NY.305: Miami, FL.702: Las Vegas, NV.202: Washington, DC.415: San Francisco, CA.404: Atlanta, GA.312: Chicago, IL.More items…•

What is the lowest area code?

New York CityBut historically, larger cities had smaller numbers in their original area codes because they were easier to dial on rotary phones. The smallest area code, 212, belongs to — no surprise — New York City. Mance doesn’t stock a lot of 212 area codes, because they’re hard to get.