Quick Answer: Who Is Best Boy In Anime?

Who is the most badass character in anime?

VegetaVegeta is the most badass Anime character of the most badass and best Anime ever.

He and Dragonball Z are the best thing about Anime ever.

Vegeta is proud, arrogant, powerful, determined, short-tempered and hardcore..

Who married Todoroki?

Anime Debut *Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. The Todoroki Family currently consists of Enji Todoroki, his wife Rei, and their four children.

Is Senpai a crush?

Senpai is often used in the English in the expression “notice me senpai” and its variants. Originally this was used in the context of a person hoping a crush or someone they admire will pay attention to them, but it has more broadly been used online in reference to famous people acknowledging a fan’s existence.

What does Waifu mean?

waifu (plural waifu or waifus) (fandom slang, Internet slang) A fictional female character from non-live-action visual media (typically an anime, manga, or video game) to whom one is attracted.

Who is the hottest male character in Naruto?

Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake. The man with a mask we so desperately want to see behind. Even not seeing half of his face for most of the entire series he still is the most sexy guy in Naruto.

Why is Todoroki the best boy?

Due to a past traumatic event, Todoroki can only see and care about his goal, refusing to use half of his quirk “Half-Cold Half-Hot” as a result. … This kind of deeper human feeling to Todoroki makes him a very good boy and makes him a candidate to being a best boy without any doubt.

What is a good anime name for a boy?

Totally Awesome Anime Boy NamesNameMeaningOriginAkioAkiraBright, clear, idealJapaneseAoiHollyhock FlowerJapaneseArataFresh, NewJapanese10 more rows

Why is Bakugo the best character?

While I like a lot of the characters, I believe that Katsuki Bakugou is the best character in My Hero Academia. He has spiky blond hair and a very quick temper. His quirk is explosions and he can use his quirk for offense, and he can even use it to fly through the air.

What anime is Shoto Todoroki from?

My Hero AcademiaShoto Todoroki is one of the main two tritagonists (alongside Momo Yaoyorozu) in the manga and anime series, My Hero Academia. He is a student at U.A. High School training to become a Pro Hero.

Who is Bakugou’s crush?

KirishimaBoth Kirishima and Bakugou have cheered each other on more than once. In My Hero Academia Smash!!, Kirishima is portrayed as crushing on Bakugou and trying to get closer to him.

Who does Todoroki kiss?

Tododeku kiss on the cheek – Todoroki Shouto Birthday Special – fanmade video.