Quick Answer: Who Killed Boris The Wolf?

Is Bendy good or evil?

Perhaps, despite his unsettling appearance and rough mannerisms, Ink Bendy is not evil, but is doing his utmost to keep Henry away from someone else who is..

Is Alice Angel real?

Bendy and the Ink Machine Twisted Alice and Allison Angel are the original Alice’s real-life counterparts. … She also appears in the after-credits scene in a signed photo from Henry picturing her, Bendy, and Boris holding hands.

Who is Boris the wolf?

Boris the Wolf is a cartoon character created by Joey Drew Studios for the Bendy series. Much like other cartoon characters such as Bendy and Alice Angel, Boris starred in a series of popular Bendy cartoon shorts thirty years before the studio’s downfall.

Who killed Boris in bendy and the ink machine?

HenryChapter 4: Colossal Wonders After this, Henry will have no choice but to fight him. Following the confrontation, Henry defeats Brute Boris, resulting him to leak a heavy amount of ink before collapsing onto the floor.

Is Boris a tom?

Tom is an alternative counterpart of Boris the Wolf and the cartoon form of Thomas Connor who appeared at the end of Chapter 4 and the start of Chapter 5 from Bendy and the Ink Machine along with Allison Angel. He is set to return in Bendy and the Dark Revival.

Is Bendy a good guy?

Hi there, If by “good guy” you mean “being on Henry’s side”, I think yes, it’s highly likely that Ink Bendy is a good guy (with chaotic neutral tendencies). … If by “good guy” you mean “being on Henry’s side”, I think yes, it’s highly likely that Ink Bendy is a good guy (with chaotic neutral tendencies).

Who is Sammy bendy?

He was the tertiary antagonist of Bendy and the Ink Machine, appearing in Chapter 2: The Old Song and as a minor boss in Chapter 5: The Last Reel. His transformation is revealed in the Dreams Come to Life novel. He reappears in Boris and the Dark Survival as a playable character.

Why did Alice kill Boris?

After the elevator crashes, Alice will sneak up on Boris, who is tending to Henry, and kidnap him by force, leaving Henry unconscious in the wreckage. In the after credit image for the “Path of the Angel”, Boris is tied up, with Alice’s shadow behind, implying she will kill him as the other Boris clones.

What is the ink demon?

A demonic entity of the Cycle, Ink Bendy is a large threat to anyone in this otherworld, constantly pursuing them down and attempting to kill whenever they were caught in his proximity.

Why does bendy kill Henry?

Bendy believes that killing the creators is the only way to escape as well as sacrificing the perfect bendy which you (Henry) are and that sacrificing can stop the ink machine process of death and rebirth. But Henry wants to stop him.

Is Boris a wolf or dog?

It is unknown why Boris was made to look like a dog, although wolves are technically wild dogs. The name “Boris” is actually the Dutch name of the Disney character Pete.

Why did bendy kill the projectionist?

Bendy most likely saw the projectionist and his natural instinct was to kill him. … Because BEndy is literally heartless his natural instinct is to kill things, like a wild animal when they see prey. They attack because it is weaker than them.

How did Joey drew betray bendy?

According to the new information, we later find out that the neutral ending of the game was caused by a time-loop. … And including that, Joey created Bendy, leaving him in that time-loop to never see one of his creators again. And this is what makes the Ink Demon angry.

Who is bendy’s girlfriend?

Alice AngelAlice Angel is a character from The Bendy Show. She is Bendy’s girlfriend.

Who is bendy the dancing demon?

Bendy is a cartoon imp-like demon character with his appearance entirely colored in black apart from his face, which is white in color. He wears shiny black boots, a white bowtie, and a pair of gloves that closely resemble those of other cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, each possessing two black buttons.

Is Bendy a boy or a girl?

No gender! I can see Bendy as having no actual gender, but prefers masculine pronouns. I meant to put boy, but my iPad just messed it up.

Is ink Bendy Evil?

Despite being the main antagonist, Ink Bendy is less evil than Physical Alice.

Who is the bad guy in bendy?

Joseph “Joey” DrewType of Villain Joseph “Joey” Drew is the overarching antagonist of the Bendy franchise, appearing as the overarching antagonist of Bendy and the Ink Machine and Boris and the Dark Survival, and a major character in the first novel, Dreams Come to Life.

Is Susie Alice angel?

She is the former voice actress of Alice Angel and worked at Joey Drew Studios for a few months also voicing other characters in the cartoons, before being replaced by Allison Pendle. According to her audio log, dated 1932, Susie had previously acted in theater prior to joining Joey Drew Studios.