Should You Hire Someone Who Is Overqualified?

How do you interview someone who is overqualified?

When recruiting overqualified candidates, it’s important to establish an even footing early in the interview.

To start, give the candidate an overview of your company’s current health.

Discuss how the business started and grew as well as your vision of the future.

Do you want to increase sales in a certain area?.

How do you reject an overqualified candidate?

Rejecting overqualified candidates emailPersonalize your email. While it’s normal to say something like “The competition for this role was tough” when you reject applicants in the early stages of the process, a similar comment doesn’t apply to overqualified candidates. … Avoid discriminatory comments. … Be honest.

How do you know if you’re overqualified for a job?

These are sure signs that you’re overqualified for your job.You are bored outta your mind. … You could be your boss. … You need more work to do. … You can’t stay in your own lane. … You can see a bigger picture that others can’t. … You haven’t felt challenged in way too long.

Why do jobs say you’re overqualified?

4- You’re too expensive In these cases, overqualified simply means that the employer is not willing to pay more for qualifications that they may not consider essential and that you’re simply too expensive.

How do you deal with an overqualified employee?

Understand their motives. If the employee is overqualified, she’s probably been earning more than what you’re offering for this role. … Engage them differently. When an employee is overqualified for a position, she’ll get bored or rather complacent in that role very fast. … Value their advice. … Negotiate the perks.

Why you should not hire overqualified?

The biggest obstacle to hiring overqualified workers is under-qualified managers—someone who got promoted beyond their skill level and just tries to hide. They don’t want to make mistakes or to be noticed. They don’t want anyone in their team to do anything because it might reflect badly on the manager.

Is it illegal to not hire someone because they are overqualified?

While this ruling may reassure employers, it is important to note that you cannot reject an applicant simply for being overqualified. If you are not able to demonstrate a sound reason for turning down such a candidate, you could be accused of age discrimination as older workers are more likely to be in this position.

How do you answer an overqualified question?

Here are some strategies to consider if/when it comes up.DO emphasize your commitment to the job at hand. … DON’T turn it into a joke. … DO be honest… … … … DO emphasize the opportunity presented. … DON’T shut the door to future growth.

Does overqualified mean too old?

“Overqualified” can mean many things. It can mean you’re too old. It can mean you’re too expensive. It can mean they’re afraid you’ll have too many ideas, and you won’t want to learn their procedures.

What does overqualified mean?

Overqualification is the state of being educated beyond what is necessary or requested by an employer for a position with the business. There can often be high costs for companies associated with training employees.