What Are The Answers To The Fire Breathers Test In Fallout 76?

How do I get to the upper floor Motherlode in Fallout 76?

Access the archived message dated 9.30.

77 to update the mission.

Now the player character will need to acquire an ID card before they can use the elevator in the lobby to reach the upper floors.

Go down the stairs one floor, then into the first door on the left..

How do I start the mystery in Fallout 76?

Quick walkthroughFind the body of a young woman in a random encounter.Go to Riverside Manor and access the study terminal.Equip a worn veil and head to the northeastern corner of the parlor room.Go downstairs and go through the laser grid into the underground facility.

How do I activate the emergency beacon in Fallout 76?

At the very bottom, you will find a raised platform with a few terminals. Go to the back of the platform, where you will find Rita Wilcox and Maxine Ballard. By them you will find the button to activate the Emergency Beacon. Before you press the button, reload your weapons or chance to a very strong melee weapon.

How many stages is the Grand Tour fallout 76?

21But there are a lot of stages to each Grand Tour event. How many? 21.

How do you pass the fire breathers test?

Fire Breathers exam answersEvacuate as quickly as possible.A water-soaked rag.Gently bind the burn with clean bandages.Retreat immediately.1 pt. Purified Water, 2 Ash Rose, 2 Blight, 2 Soot Flower.Fall back and engage from a distance with firearms.End his life as mercifully as possible.

Where is the final exam site fallout 76?

Belching Betty mineshaftOnce this is passed, the final exam is held at the Belching Betty mineshaft in the Ash Heap. There, a protectron named Bernie will award the Fire Breather uniform and Fire Breather helmet and an anti-Scorched training pistol, as well as the Fire Breathers final exam briefing holotape.

Once you reach the bunker (actually named Abbie’s Bunker) use the Access Terminal to unlock the front door and head inside. Once inside a recording will begin speaking to you, and the quest will be completed. Completion of The Missing Link immediately opens up a new quest, named Early Warnings.

How do you get into Hornwright estate?

The Hornwright Estate access keycard is located on the top floor executive level of the Hornwright Industrial headquarters. One can also be found inside the Hornwright summer villa, on a cart in the basement.

How do you get to the top floor of Hornwright industrial?

It’s located in the lobby on the bottom floor, right behind the terminal you used to start the quest. Swipe your new card in the slot and take the elevator to the top floor. Follow the objective marker to the lab, which is behind a grid of blue lasers which you can pass through.

Where is the firefighter outfit in Fallout 76?

You can find this outfit in Charleston Fire Department.

How do you pass the knowledge exam in Fallout 76?

Answer: Evacuate as quickly as possible.Answer: A water-soaked rag.Answer: Gently bind the burn with clean bandages.Answer: Retreat immediately.Answer: 1 pt. Purified Water, 2 Ash Rose, 2 Blight, 2 Soot Flower.Answer: Fall back and engage from a distance with firearms.Answer: End his life as mercifully as possible.

Where is the top of the world in Fallout 76?

AppalachiaTop of the World is a large structure located in The Savage Divide area of Appalachia. It is located far to the east of Flatwoods. The location is surrounded by raider camps that contain a variety of loot, and has three floors you can visit. It is the main hub for the Raider’s Questline given by the NPC Rose.

What is the Motherlode fallout 76?

The Motherlode is a mission in Fallout 76 that requires you to do several challenging tasks, including a senior executive hiring exam, repairing machines, and unlocking laser protected doors. We present you a full mission walkthrough that starts at the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters.

How do I get excavator power armor?

You can acquire the Excavator Power Armor in Fallout 76 starting at Level 25. Head to Garrahan Mining Headquarters in the very southern part of Ash Heap region. Head to the Atrium in the back and you will see a poster for the Excavator Power Armor, interact with it to receive the Miner Miracles quest.

Where is the Charleston Fire Department in Fallout 76?

AppalachiaThe Charleston Fire Department is a Fire Department in the south central area of Appalachia. It is located to the south of Charleston, and to the northeast of The Rusty Pick, next to the AVR Medical Center.

Where can I farm lead in Fallout 76?

Lead Farming Location There are a few places that are good for farming lead in Fallout 76, but the best we’ve found is the Charleston Fire Department. What you want to do is clear out your inventory, then head inside the building, and go to the gym that is located there.