What Happened To DC Stuart Fraser In Taggart?

What happened to Taggart?

The UK’s longest running crime drama, Taggart, has been axed by ITV chiefs after 28 years.

Bosses have axed the cop show after viewing figures plummeted from 14million in its heyday to just 3.8million for the last series..

How did Taggart die?

GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) _ Mark McManus, best known for his television role as the tough-talking Scottish detective Taggart, died Monday. McManus, 60, died of pneumonia at Victoria Infirmary, Scottish Television said. He also had been suffering from depression since his wife Marion died of cancer in October.

Was taggarts wife really disabled?

Biography. Jean Taggart was the wife of DCI Jim Taggart. Jean Taggart in Death Call They married in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s. Jean was in a wheelchair due to paralysis after giving birth to daughter Alison.

What was Taggart first name?

Mark McManus, who played the title character Jim Taggart, died in 1994….TaggartOriginal networkSTV; ITVPicture format576i 1080iFirst shown in6–20 September 1983Original release2 July 1985 – 7 November 201015 more rows

What did Mark McManus died of?

June 6, 1994Mark McManus/Date of death

Why is Taggart called Taggart?

Here’s our list of 10 things you didn’t know about Taggart. 1: The creator of Taggart, Glenn Chandler, “nicked” the detective’s name from a gravestone. It was in the early 80s that the controller of drama at Scottish Television invited Chandler to try his hand at writing a crime thriller about a Glaswegian cop.

Is Mark McManus still alive?

Deceased (1935–1994)Mark McManus/Living or Deceased

What was the last episode of Taggart?

The Ends of JusticeTaggart/Latest episode

Why did they stop making Taggart?

ITV has axed the Scottish police drama Taggart after 28 years, in the wake of poor viewing figures south of the border. The programme’s future on ITV1 had been the subject of intense speculation for some time. ITV confirmed it had decided not to commission any further series of Taggart for the ITV network.

Is Taggart coming back?

Taggart creator Glenn Chandler has revealed plans are afoot to bring the crime show back in a prequel series set in the 1960s. The Scots writer said he has taken part in early-stage discussions with TV producers about the show’s return, eight years after the STV series came to a halt.

How do you pronounce Taggart?

Which is the right way to pronounce the number femtio in Swedish?famt-ee.fa-mt-ee.fam-tee.

How many murders are there in Taggart?

Taggart generally had at least one murder per episode and the manner of death could range from the mundane to the genuinely gruesome. In 1994’s Hellfire, we see a character slain on Walpurgis Night by a chainsaw-wielding murderer in an episode that took the series’ dark elements to a new extreme.

What does Taggart mean in Scotland?

Taggart is a surname of Scottish and Irish origin. It is a reduction of the surnames MacTaggart and McTaggart, which are anglicisations of the Gaelic Mac an t-Sagairt, meaning “son of the priest”. The name is sometimes written Teggart or Tegart or Tagart.

Who is mcmanus brother?

Brian ConnollyMark McManus/Brothers

Does Taggart die?

Taggert died during Monday’s episode was shot on the show late last week. The character was shot after saving his daughter, Trina Robinson, and her friend, Cameron Webber. … He later apparently dies from a blood clot, but it doesn’t seem convincing that the character could be gone so soon.

What year did Taggart end?

November 7, 2010Taggart/Final episode date