What Is The Meaning Of Underneath In English?

What is the opposite of underneath?

Antonyms for underneath aloft, up, overhead..

What does aloft mean?

adverb. high up; far above the ground. Nautical. on the masts; in the rigging; overhead. (on a square-rigged sailing ship) in the upper rigging, specifically, on or above the lower yards (opposed to alow).

What is another word for truth?

What is another word for truth?casesituationfactualityrealitywhole truthcertaintynaked truthtruismfaithactual fact13 more rows

What is another word for above?

What is another word for above?greater thanmore thanhigher thanexceedingin excess ofoverover and abovebeyondsurpassingupwards of24 more rows

What is the difference between under and underneath?

Underneath is often used to say that something is covered by another thing. Beneath has the same meanings as under or underneath, but it’s a formal, literary word. Below is preferred when something is in a lower position, but in the same buliding, hill, part of the body etc. as another thing.

Is underneath a adverb?

Underneath can be used in the following ways: as a preposition (followed by a noun): I took the gun and hid it underneath the sofa. as an adverb (without a following noun): She left the buttons open to show a layer of silk underneath. Underneath he is a very pleasant man.

What does glistening mean?

verb (intr) (of a wet or glossy surface) to gleam by reflecting lightwet leaves glisten in the sunlight. (of light) to reflect with brightnessthe sunlight glistens on wet leaves.

What is the meaning of Marvellous?

If you describe someone or something as marvellous, you are emphasizing that they are very good. He certainly is a marvellous actor. She made marvellous fish pie. He looked marvellous. Synonyms: excellent, great, mean [slang], topping [British, slang, old-fashioned] More Synonyms of marvellous.

What is the meaning of underneath?

preposition. below the surface or level of; directly or vertically beneath; at or on the bottom of. under the control of; in a lower position in a hierarchy of authority: Underneath the department heads are the junior executives.

What is another word for underneath?

What is another word for underneath?belowbeneathbottomcoveredlowerneathnetherunderat the bottom ofdown14 more rows

What is the sentence of underneath?

Examples of underneath in a Sentence Preposition He hid the envelope underneath his coat. She slipped a note underneath the door. The ball rolled underneath the car. He lives in the apartment underneath mine.

What is the meaning of miraculously?

Miraculous, preternatural, supernatural refer to that which seems to transcend the laws of nature. Miraculous refers to something that apparently contravenes known laws governing the universe: a miraculous success. Preternatural suggests the possession of supernormal qualities: Dogs have a preternatural sense of smell.

What is the meaning of muttering?

intransitive verb. 1 : to utter sounds or words indistinctly or with a low voice and with the lips partly closed … he gestured and muttered furiously in his lawyer’s ear.—